Our vision is to develop trusting working relationships with our partners for many years to come

At BIWA Capital, we demonstrate industrial leadership in


Uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism & confidentiality. We understand the importance of being considered a trusted advisor and partner.


Lead partner companies through creative thinking & action. We help clients to discover opportunities overlooked by others.


Provide in depth industry knowledge and proprietary sourcing capabilities.


Collaborate and work with experienced and professional experts to create value and achieve strong results. We are truly committed to our clients.


BIWA Capital shares the following investment philosophy

Strong Partnership with Management

One of our most important investment elements is to identify and align ourselves with outstanding and principled management teams. We view ourselves as partners to our operating executives. It is the same for our management partners who typically invest meaningful equity alongside BIWA Capital in each of our transactions.

Targeting the Middle Market

We target medium market size firms investing in enterprise values typically between $100 million and $1 billion. We believe that enterprises of these sizes possess durable business models and real infrastructure that will benefit from private equity governance, robust strategic planning, operational improvements and add-on acquisitions.

Operating Approach to Building Value

We believe that superior long-term investment returns are driven by increasing the quantity and quality the company’s cash flow. As a result, BIWA Capital is dedicated to fundamentally improve the quality of the businesses, primarily by selecting businesses that are within our ability to add values, rather than meeting the current business operational cycles.


While we work with our management teams to identify and address key strategic and operational opportunities, we delegate our operations 100% to our management team. We interact with the team through the Board of Directors of each company. Our objective is to provide our management partners with the capital and operating resources they need to grow and succeed. We bring relevant resources and expertise to our portfolio companies in the particular functional areas.