Our management model is to establish business cooperation in Asia-Pacific region, and to create sustainable value for our partners

BIWA Capital is a member of BIWA Group. We specialize in private equity investment with interest in wide range of industries across the Asia-Pacific Region. We have built upon experience and ability of its professionals to analyze the potential of a company, build up strong strategies, and carry out fundamental change in collaboration with outstanding management teams. We're passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels. The shared vision of being part of something great aligns us with those of our investors and partners.

Our management approach is to build business partnerships and create sustainable value for our investments in the Asia Pacific region.

Our team consists of disciplined investment associates and professionals with team acumen focusing on long-term business fundamentals and delivering value for our investment partners.

BIWA Capital actively participates in the following categories of private equity investments:

Buy-and-Build Strategy

Act effectively as an investor with prudent strategy, timely decisions, and practical execution taking the advantage to add value on our investment assets

Leveraged Buy-Outs

Evaluate and acquire companies that have potential for growth for low purchasing costs but will leverage high returns

Strategic Equity Participation

Meet the dynamic needs of investors by participating in selected corporate opportunities

Growth Capital

Identify and inject capital to potential companies to help accelerate growth and expansion

In summary, besides managing our wholly owned subsidiaries, we also co-invest with potential business partners in projects and businesses with promising growth that fits into BIWA Capital investment criteria.